About Us

DTP Capital Partners operates as a boutique advisory firm specializing in commercial real estate finance, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our focus lies in facilitating debt and equity placement services and advisory services for clients nationwide. We collaborate closely with property investors, owners, and developers, offering solutions to streamline the complexities of navigating the capital markets and financing projects. Leveraging our extensive network, which spans private funds, family offices, and institutional investors, we ensure that each project benefits from a thorough evaluation of various capital structuring options.

Our primary objective in every engagement is to craft an optimal capital stack tailored to the specific parameters of the project and the requirements of the sponsor. We aim to cultivate enduring, programmatic relationships with our clients over time, assuming a role akin to an internal finance department. This approach underscores our commitment to providing ongoing support and guidance, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of our clients' ventures.



    Q&A Session
    Needs & Constraints Defined
    DAY 1


    Request Info from Sponsor
    Collect Feedback from Capital Markets
    1-2 DAYS


    Advise on Capital Stack Options
    "Go", "No Go" Decision by Borrower
    1-2 DAYS


    Consulting Services Agreement (CSA)
    Comprehensive Package Development
    1-2 DAYS


    Target Tier I/Tier II Capital Sources
    Calls with Capital and Sponsor
    1-2 WEEKS


    Receive and Negotiate Term Sheets
    Advise on Selection
    2-3 DAYS


    DD/UW Checklist
    Finalize JV, Loan and PSA Docs
    2-4 WEEKS


    1 DAY

Direct Investment Approach

DTP’s principals have underwritten over $1B in commercial real estate transactions for debt funds, family offices, private equity firms and high-net worth individuals.  This experience affords DTP the unique ability to thoroughly understand the behind-the-scenes hurdles and obstacles that keeps a deal from being funded.  DTP’s institutional quality underwriting and investment memorandums addresses such hurdles pre-emptively which simultaneously increases the likelihood of closing & builds rapport with our capital sources.

DTP Capital Partners was founded with a singular mission: to serve our clients in their pursuit of their ambitions, dreams, and aspirations. Stemming from a deep-seated passion, the creation, development, and implementation of our comprehensive plan took years to cultivate. Through unwavering dedication, perseverance, and yes, even blood, sweat, and tears, we've witnessed these dreams come to fruition for those courageous enough to chase them. It's my life's work to match this level of passion and to provide a product and service that resonates with my clients on such a profound level.

At DTP Capital Partners, we possess the expertise, talent, and capabilities to deliver results for companies seeking capital. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to diligence, transparency, and passion in every interaction, service, and deliverable we provide.

Debt & Equity Placement

DTP Capital provides comprehensive Debt & Equity Placement services to secure capital for real estate projects, handling the intricate details of underwriting and closing processes, allowing clients to focus on their business management. We assist in building data rooms and conducting due diligence, ensuring all necessary financials and projections are prepared for potential capital sources. Matching funding requirements with suitable lenders or equity providers, we prioritize communication of funding deadlines and provide transparent timelines for closing and funding processes. Our services include project capitalization consultation, preparation of detailed investment packages, negotiation and placement of funding requests, and post-funding approval support, ensuring a seamless financing experience.
Debt Placement
Equity Placement

Advisory Services

DTP Capital offers Advisory Services tailored to diverse client needs. We conduct Project Underwriting for Developers/Sponsors, providing financial analysis, feasibility studies, risk assessments, and sensitivity analyses. Our Investor Reporting services enhance transparency and accountability with customized reporting, KPI analysis, benchmarking, and regular communication. Additionally, our Investment Memorandums service conducts market research, crafts investment theses, develops financial models, and assesses risks. With Investment Underwriting for Family Offices and HNW Investors, we structure debt and equity investments, conduct financial and credit analyses, perform due diligence, and draft investment documentation, ensuring formalized terms and protected interests. Through our expertise, we empower clients to confidently navigate capital markets and achieve financial goals.

If you’re ready to start working on your funding and/or advisory needs, click on the Get Started Link and answer a few questions about your company. One of our team members will reach out to you to begin our DTP (Diligent, Transparent, Passionate) process within 24 hours.

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