Due Diligence & Underwriting

DTP Capital Partners delivers to its clients a third party transaction evaluation, due diligence and underwriting services program built on a professional staff with extensive transactional experience across both debt & equity transactions. Through our in-depth understanding of loan origination, credit risk analysis, and the deal, our team has become the premier advisor for clients seeking an objective review of their deal prior to engaging an investment banking firm which charges a significant up-front due diligence payment for funding consideration. DTP’s professional team can be deployed as a variable staffing strategy to manage a specific transaction or other project requirements. In addition, our professional team can be constituted as a dedicated group to support longer term business objectives. We have specialized practice teams for most if not all industries and transaction types across the US.

Debt Transaction Service Examples

  • Credit Memorandum & Asset Review Preparation
    Participated Credit Loan Underwriting
    Debt Structure Analysis & Evaluations
    Cash Flow Modeling
    Collateral Evaluations & Transactional Support
    All Asset Class Underwriting
    Third Party Underwriting Review
    Equity Transaction Service Examples

Investment Memorandum & Data room Preparation
Investment Structure & Evaluations
Support material to complete subscription agreements & PPM’s
Funding Feasibility Analysis
Capital Raise Materials Review and Preparation