Loan Advisory Services

The Comprehensive Engagement to Secure Capital for Your Enterprise/Business Needs

DTP assists with the in-depth details of the loan underwriting and closing process so you may continue to manage your business.

Building the Data Room & Due Diligence

Capital sources will require to see historical financials, financial projections, uses of funds and many other deliverables to consider financing (dependent upon transaction type).  DTP Capital Partners has the expertise and resources available to fulfill these requirements through our advisory vertical.

Finding a Custom-Matched Lender to Meet Your Financing Needs

A capital source or direct lender has a certain investment or lending criteria that must be met for funding consideration.  DTP will assist in matching your funding requirements with the appropriate capital source.

Funding Deadlines Communication From the Onset

We understand that timing is of the essence and certain funding deadlines cannot be missed.  Rest assured that DTP will provide a realistic timeframe for closing and funding and provides complete transparency throughout the entire process.

 Our services include:
·         Loan structuring consultation

o  We analyze and review to determine if your funding request is best suited for capitalization as a conventional (bank) loan, government guaranteed loan, or private capital.

o   Our recommended loan structure is based on a feasibility analysis that focuses on project viability, lending program eligibility, company history, management & stakeholder relevant experience, cash flow adequacy and sustainability, debt repayment capacity, working capital adequacy, collateral coverage, and both sponsor & personal guarantor strength.

·         Preparing a detailed loan request package that includes

o     A summary of the business financing request, transaction sources and uses of funds, transaction overview, market research and company/sponsor background and history.

o    Historical financial statement review and analysis, loan underwriting of sponsor, affiliated parties, principals and guarantors.

o    Development of financial projections supported by historical analysis, industry comps and/or projected market growth/contraction.

o    Coordination of independent feasibility studies, appraisals, valuations, environmental audits and other third-party deliverables for the funding request.

o    Preparation of government agency applications (as applicable).

·         Negotiation and placement of the funding request with an appropriate finance source

o  Once a loan is approved, DTP assists in the coordination of the remaining documents required by the lender to close and fund in a timely manner.

To see all of the available loan programs in detail that we can offer your company, click the Loan Programs link

Capital Advisory Services

DTP Capital clients, as part of our Capital Advisory services, will review your company and will provide a complimentary Preliminary Capitalization Assessment. This analysis and assessment will then be the basis for a further engagement.  The assessment provides a objective analysis based upon the review of submitted business finance documentation for the desired funding goal.  The goal is to get your company or investment opportunity to pass the assessment by filling any critical gaps, based upon stage of development, industry and capital type.  This proven method identifies gaps required by capital sources for funding consideration. Once we get your company or investment opportunity to pass the assessment we will then be able to share with our capital partners. By taking this approach, your company is more likely to get the funding it needs and will additionally be far more prepared to succeed.


If you’re ready to start working on your funding and/or advisory needs, click on the Get Started Link and answer a few questions about your company. One of our team members will reach out to you to begin our DTP (Diligent, Transparent, Passionate) process within 24 hours.

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