Other Advisory Services

Capital Advisory Services

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS is available to provide advisory services to new and existing businesses seeking capital regarding investor communications and relations, due diligence and underwriting support, data room development and support, capitalization strategies, liquidity event planning, and financial planning.

Preliminary Capitalization Analysis

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS provides a complimentary analysis of the investment or transaction opportunity through a review of the business finance documentation provided by the client.  The objective of the preliminary analysis is to stress test the opportunity from an underwriter’s perspective and to deliver a customized capitalization feasibility analysis.

Presentation Decks

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS develops presentation decks custom-tailored to fit the appropriate audience and type of investor whether it be an angel investor, investment bank or family office.

Executive Summaries

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS develops 2-3 page finished product ready to present to both internal and external audiences for a preview of the investment or transaction opportunity.

Investment & Transaction Analysis

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS creates an 8-10 page analysis of the investment or transaction that our clients are seeking capital for.  The analysis is developed upon completion of a complete review of the client’s finance documentation and summaries the high level items in which a potential capital source would evaluate for preliminary consideration.

Market Research

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS develops referenced and cited market research reports utilizing their subscriptions with multiple industry-leading market research firms including IBISWorld and Kentley Insights.

Financial Statement Analysis

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS provides an analysis of a business’s financial condition to assess the risk of extending credit, viewing a transaction through a lender’s eyes by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the businesses through comparing business performance against industry peers’ financial ratios.

M&A Analysis & Business Valuations

DTP CAPITAL PARTNERS provides a robust suite of services including business valuation, financing, projections and evaluation of the economics of lower to middle-market mergers and acquisitions.  The valuation methods include income, market and asset approaches industry and situation appropriate to create a credible valuation report.

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Loan Advisory Services

DTP Capital provides comprehensive Debt & Equity Placement services to secure capital for real estate projects, handling the intricate details of underwriting and closing processes, allowing clients to focus on their business management. We assist in building data rooms and conducting due diligence, ensuring all necessary financials and projections are prepared for potential capital sources. Matching funding requirements with suitable lenders or equity providers, we prioritize communication of funding deadlines and provide transparent timelines for closing and funding processes. Our services include project capitalization consultation, preparation of detailed investment packages, negotiation and placement of funding requests, and post-funding approval support, ensuring a seamless financing experience.
Debt Placement
Equity Placement

Advisory Services

DTP Capital offers Advisory Services tailored to diverse client needs. We conduct Project Underwriting for Developers/Sponsors, providing financial analysis, feasibility studies, risk assessments, and sensitivity analyses. Our Investor Reporting services enhance transparency and accountability with customized reporting, KPI analysis, benchmarking, and regular communication. Additionally, our Investment Memorandums service conducts market research, crafts investment theses, develops financial models, and assesses risks. With Investment Underwriting for Family Offices and HNW Investors, we structure debt and equity investments, conduct financial and credit analyses, perform due diligence, and draft investment documentation, ensuring formalized terms and protected interests. Through our expertise, we empower clients to confidently navigate capital markets and achieve financial goals.

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