Why DTP Capital Partners

DTP Capital Partners was formed stemming from first and foremost the passion to serve our clients in their pursuit of their ambitions, dreams and aspirations. The creation, development and implementation of a plan that took years to development in my opinion can only come from a desire from deep within. Through blood, sweat and tears these dreams come to fruition for those bold enough to pursue. It is my life’s work to match this level of passion and to provide a product and service that resonates with my clients on this kind of level.

In business, and specifically finance there seems to be a “stink” on it. Some professionals within this industry in my observation lacks the integrity to be forthright and transparent in their business practices resulting in broken promises, false expectations and fees upon fees with a carrot being dangled in front of their clients…this is downright predatory and a shame!

DTP Capital Partners has all the expertise, talent and capabilities to produce results for companies that qualify for capital. The principal difference between us and other firms is that every interaction, service and deliverable provided will be done so with the utmost diligence, transparency and passion.

Loan Advisory Services

DTP’s loan advisory services program is a comprehensive service provided to companies seeking debt financing. The advisory program includes deliverables including loan structuring consultation, loan package preparation including professionally prepared transaction presentation summaries and debt placement and negotiation services. DTP Capital partners with capital sources nation-wide and keenly understands their investment criteria & underwriting guidelines. These cultivated relationships provide DTP Capital Partners with a definitive advantage for initial funding consideration for its’ clients based upon the trust built with the capital sources that the deals that are sent their way for consideration have been vetted by DTP and are presented only when the client is prepared for capitalization.

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Capital Advisory Services

DTP Capital clients, as part of our Capital Advisory services, will review your company and will provide a complimentary Preliminary Capitalization Assessment. This analysis and assessment will then be the basis for a further engagement.  The assessment provides a objective analysis based upon the review of submitted business finance documentation for the desired funding goal.  The goal is to get your company or investment opportunity to pass the assessment by filling any critical gaps, based upon stage of development, industry and capital type.  This proven method identifies gaps required by capital sources for funding consideration. Once we get your company or investment opportunity to pass the assessment we will then be able to share with our capital partners. By taking this approach, your company is more likely to get the funding it needs and will additionally be far more prepared to succeed.


If you’re ready to start working on your funding and/or advisory needs, click on the Get Started Link and answer a few questions about your company. One of our team members will reach out to you to begin our DTP (Diligent, Transparent, Passionate) process within 24 hours.

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